How to make a website

In this article I am going to make you clear about the whole procedure of making a website with the help of the domaijn name and a hosting server. There are lots of thingsa that you will have to keep in mind while you are making a website. We also know that there are lots of programmming languages are available through which you can make websites such as java, html and etc. With the help of these programming languages we can make websites. Nowadays making websites are easy but the thing which is difficult is the designing of the site is more important. If you are able to customize your site in a proper manner then you are able to make a professional websites. Now we will move towards the definition of the websites.

What is a website

Website is the online presense of data where we get data in the forms of different webpages. There are different types of data comes under the website such as images, audio, video, texts. These are some of the important forms of data which you can use to make your website professional. Before starting to make a website you will need to learn some of the terms related to2 the website. 

Domain name 

This stands for the name of the website through which you can saerch for that particular website on the internet. There lots of extensions of domain names are availbale having different features of the website. Each domain names are having some special features. The second thing that you will need is the hosting server.

Hosting server

This is the server where you can store the data of the website. If there will be call from the user through the google then server will show you website’s data on the screen. Some of the website that are present online from there you can buy the best hostings for your website.

Now you will have to buy these two required things and then you will have to connect both of them and now install the wordpress on your website. Now your professional website is ready.

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